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How to find rebates How to Get Cheaper Groceries + Finding Grocery Rebates

1.  Besides using coupons on your groceries, use rebates for groceries too.

2.  Finding Rebates

     Watch for refund forums on the product packages.

     Find alot of free printable rebates for groceries here

     Take a refunding magazine  which lists available refund forms and has ad sections for forms.

3.  Visit forums that are about refunding like the refundsweepers.com refunding forums.

4.  Free After Rebate, printable mail in rebate forms, view newest rebates

5.  Always watch for rebate forms when shopping.  Pads of rebates are often found on the store shelves next to the product.  Some stores hang up their pads of rebates in an area next to the entrance doors of the store.

Print prescription drug coupons

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